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How to spray paint furniture ?

In interior design circles the “distressed” look has become very popular. Giving a rustic and antique effect, it is often used to rejuvenate older furniture that has gone out of fashion. When looking at how to paint furniture shabby chic it becomes clear that while there is skill involved it is a simple process once you understand the methods. This is why it is increasing in popularity all the time. You can bring old furniture back to life by following the simple rules devised by designers and furnishers who have practised the art, and you may be amazed at the results. Before we look at the basic techniques of creating the shabby chic look, you may want to look at another of our articles outlining how to repaint furniture, as it includes some excellent tips.

The Shabby Chic Look and How to Get It. Here how to paint wood furniture

The purpose of shabby chic is to rejuvenate old and tired furniture and give it a new lease of life. Trends change as time goes on, and what was popular and attractive once may seem dated and old now. By giving it a new look you can save money and improve your interior design. So, what do you need to achieve the shabby chic look? The tools required depend upon the job you plan to do, but you will most certainly need the following:

Sandpaper and, preferably, a sanding machine.

Screwdrivers for removing fittings.

Paintbrushes for applying paint

That is the basics covered, but where to start? Let’s assume you are renovating a sideboard, an old oak model that has seen better days. You want to give it the shabby chic look so that it fits in with your current decor.

Shabby Chic is the ‘In’ Look

Creating the shabby chic look is an enjoyable and rewarding experience, and really is quite simple. Let’s have a look at how to do it in simple stages.

Prepare the sideboard - this involves taking off all handles and, if possible, hinges and hooks. Any metalwork needs to be out of the way before you begin the process. Be careful at this stage as you want to keep the old fittings, they are after all the right ones for the item.

Remove paint or varnish - next you need to strip down the item to bare wood by sanding off any existing paint or varnish. This can be a lengthy job and is best done by using coarse sandpaper and a sanding machine. Make sure you do it in a well-ventilated area and wear a face-mask as inhaling the dust - and there will be plenty dust - can be damaging to the lungs. Some people use paint stripper for this process and it can help, but we prefer to strip back by sanding.

Remove dust and debris - a simple step, just use a cloth and warm water to remove any dust that may be lingering on the furniture.

Prime the item - you should apply an undercoat of either white paint or primer in order that you get the best effect. Make sure you paint in a clean room and not outside; flies and other insects painted onto a sideboard do not add to the effect! Also, paint in the direction of the grain of the wood. Leave the undercoat to dry.

Paint the object - you can add as many layers of paint as you wish, until you have the right finish. Leave each to dry thoroughly before adding another.

Distress the furniture - use sandpaper to gently remove small areas of paint where you want. Consider raised ridges and details as the sensible places to create the distressed look as these add to the effect.

That’s it - you’re done! Visit how to stain furniture
What you have done is given the sideboard a completely new look, and you can be as brutal or as gentle as you wish. You might want to experiment with trial pieces of wood to see the effect that different amounts of paint and sanding bring, before you commit to a full renovation. You can find more information on more techniques in our article on how to stain furniture, as this can be a great way of getting the shabby chic look.

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GE Profile Refrigerator – Everything about them

If you are looking for a new refrigerator for your home, you would surely like to go with the latest technology in now-a-days. Well, GE Profile Refrigerator is one such appliance made with the latest technology to fit in and match your latest kitchen design.
There are so many things that can cause stress to you. Some people evGE profile refrigeratoren take stress when going in for buying any electronic appliance for their home. This is maybe because they don’t have idea about which brand or which model is the best one which can serve their purpose. Well, now you need not take any such stress while purchasing the refrigerator. The latest GE profile refrigerators have everything to satisfy your needs and even provide you the ease while you use it. More info

The GE Profile Refrigerator comes with a very sleek and classy design. It has side-to-side refrigerator. This refrigerator is just amazing. It offers you many features that you may not get in any other refrigerator.

This 25.6 cubic feet refrigerator offers you feature such as turboCool system. This feature regulates the temperature of the refrigerator after it has been opened. Thus, the temperature remains the same. Your vegetables and other food items can remain fresh for a longer period of time.

Another fantastic feature that this intricate design offers you is the dispenser. It dispenses water and crushed ice/ ice cubes as and when you need. It even allows you to fill larger glasses of water with ease. This feature even has an auto- lock system. Thus, you can be sure that the children don’t misuse it.

We have so many things to keep in our refrigerator. Sometime, the refrigerator becomes too small for the storage purpose. You have to adjust the stuff and even throw some items out of it. Not anymore. GE Profile Refrigerator has a large storage space. It has four adjustable slabs, and two slide-out shelves, four door bins and even gallon storage. The compartments are already made so that you can all the stuff in well organized manner. Click here to get other info ge profile refrigerator.

This refrigerator also provides you with an excellent water filtration system. It purifies water and ice. It even indicates you when the filter needs to be changed. It even has the feature called climate keeper system, which helps to keep the vegetables stay fresh for a longer period. It even has ExpressChill feature which cools your beverages as per your requirement. Also, you don’t need to change or clean its condenser.

Thus, you see that you can enjoy such amazing features with GE Profile Refrigerator. The refrigerator does the task at your one command. You don’t have to worry about changing the condenser, filtration, etc. You can do your work with ease. This is recommended for family of any size. Go n buy this refrigerator from a nearby retailer and enjoy the comforts of life.

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Things to Consider When Creating a Business Card

One thing that is needed in every business especially those that are just starting is the business card. Though it is just a small piece of paper wherein the size fits your wallet, creating one can be overwhelming especially if you want do it yourself. This is of course if you have the knowledge and the equipment. When making business card, the must convey a good impression and impact tBusiness card sizeo the prospective client. This is the challenge you have to face when creating a business card. More info on business card size pixels

Most business cards are only one sided however, to make the most out of it; you can use both sides and print additional information on the both sides. Most often the front side of the business card has the basic information wherein you can easily see all contact information of the owner. At the back of the business card, they would put the small map of the location of the business as well as the other branches of the business if there are existing branches. If there is an available space, the slogan of the business can be added as well. Whatever business you may have, there is always something that you can find to print on the business card.

There is another style of business card which they call the folded business card. This type of business card is perfect if you want more space to write more information about the business that you have without the need to go over the standard business card size. When creating a business card, you have to maintain the standard size because most people would just put their business card in their wallet or organizer of the card. One of the advantages of having a folded business card is you can add information on the discount coupon if you are offering or you can include a survey. Better yet if the purpose of your credit card is to promote your business, you can add any information to entice prospective customers to support your business. Visit this site to read more business card examples

Though not a regular type of business card, the die cast business card is another approach on marketing. This is a different type of business card for it is unique in its own way. You can design and shape the business card with relevance to the nature of your business. You can use different kinds of materials such as wood, metal, plastic and other materials. This would be unique in design thus, it would be easy for the customers to point out the kind of business you are engaged. For example if you have a flower shop, you can shape your business card like a flower. Since this is the first marketing material you can have for your business, it is only necessary to create a business card that will give you advantage against your competitors and at the same time gives great impact on your prospective customer. Business cards are meant to sell your business therefore, it is only necessary that you put a much effort in creating the business card.

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